Dave performing at the Fisher Poets Gathering, Astoria, OR




My poetry is about life, life in the commercial fishing business, life, as observed from a commercial fisherman's perspective. Some poems just seems to write themselves. A poem will start forming in my mind, and if I'm quick enough to write it down, I usually have something pretty interesting. Other poems will derive from a single verse or phrase that comes on its own. Still other poems are created from an idea that I want to comment on.

I hope to write poetry that other commercial fishermen will be able to identify with. Poetry that they will be able to say, "Yup, I've been there myself." I hope to reinforce for the men and women of the industry a sense of pride in what we do and who we are.

I also hope to reach out to the general public and show them who we really are. There has been so much negative publicity about commercial fishing; I want people that may have never given a thought about what goes into actually putting fish into the stores, to hear our story. We are, after all, just the harvesters of their resource. Most of us are fortunate enough to be in love with our profession despite the losses and risks. So I guess the point of most of my poetry, whither about loving caught on the fly, or a life and death tragedy is just, “this is who we are.”

Several of my poems ...

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